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"This inner city learning facility is one of the few that are educating children.  At Kidsville the children are exposed to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, 
Glenn Bady

"Kidsville tries very hard to meet all your childcare needs.  The education, friendly staff and hours are very convenient."
Johnay Green

"You cannot pay my son to miss a day of school.  He loves his Kidsville experience and 
so do I!"
Akira Coles

"I am so impressed with what's going on at Kidsville."
Mya Johnson

"Christopher seems to be getting the best education at Kidsville and he is also learning Spanish!"
Rachael Johnson

"They treat my children with respect and 100% care as if they were their own.  Kidsville is more than just a daycare it's a school!  Thank you Kidsville for the care and all your hard work."
Juanita Upchurch

"The curriculum at Kidsville is superb and one of their greatest assets.  I love the friendly atmosphere that Kidsville provides.  Kidsville is committed to my child's future as much as I am and I love that!"
Markeeta Stokes

"The teachers are delightful and warm.  My son has attended Kidsville for 3 years now.  Since being there he has learned social skills as well as coping techniques.  Kidsville has played a major role in my child's mental development.  They have hired amazing teachers...."
Enjulee Thomas

"I like the security of knowing my child is safe while in the care of Kidsville's Staff."
Yolanda Smith

"For those who are looking for a facility that is focused on helping your child become a well-rounded individual in a comfortable, stimulating environment, this is it! My daughter attended this facility as an infant and elementary school student.  The teachers were always attentive and knowledgeable.  I was never worried that she would not get the best care possible.  The foundation she received helped her to become an honor roll student and excel in Theater at Masterman. Come see for yourself!"
Octavia Lewis

"This Center is teaching and caring for your child....with highly qualified teachers. They are so into making your child's education number one!  I love Kidsville and would recommend it."
Ms. Lawson